Payment is due upon completion of service.  Some of our services require pre-payment but standard services only require payment to be made when the service is complete.  An invoice will be sent to the email on account or mailed to the billing address when service is completed.  Invoices that are paid after the due date will be assessed a monthly delinquency charge of 8%.

We understand that on occasion a financial crisis can arise and we are happy to help you whenever we can.  If a payment plan is needed you must negotiate a payment plan within 5 days of the service date.

In the event that an account remains unpaid at 60 days after the date of service all discounts, package specials and/or early bird discounts will be forfeited.  Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect full pricing for each service provided, delinquency charges will be applied and you will be responsible for collection fees assessed by the collection company which are approximately 40% of the total invoice and any additional costs for fees, and/or legal action required to collect this debt.

If a credit card is used to pay for a service and then later disputed or cancelled without agreement by both the client and Bill Sigler’s Lawn Service, Inc. then the collection process will apply as stated above.  We will not negotiate a disputed charge.  If a charge is reversed on our account your account will be considered not paid and will begin the collection process as stated above as though the account was never paid.