Power Raking

Power raking removes the layer of thatch that can prevent water and essential nutrients from getting to your lawn’s roots where it is needed. Thatch builds up in your lawn and eventually becomes so thick that it prevents much of your water and fertilizer from getting through to the soil. This thatch causes your water to run off and evaporate costing you money by wasting water all summer long. The earlier in the spring you power rake, the more effective it’ll be, so be sure to call early!

When we power rake we use specific power raking equipment designed to remove the thatch at the base of your lawn while causing the least amount of stress possible. We do not use attachments that can rip and tear at the lawn.

Our process provides a quality, thorough job that will be most beneficial for your lawn. First we move the power rake around your lawn to loosen the dead that, second we hand rake the lawn to gather a majority (but not all) of the loosened thatch and then bag the debris, leaving the lawn looking clean and rejuvenated.